Oh, hello, Runether, it's Dirge and we ARE recruiting!

by Tedronai_Dirge, 70 days ago

So yes, Dirge is active once again, albeit on a very casual, slow base building pace.  We're not currently raiding and just sort of chilling out right now.  But more about recruiting later.  First, off, let's talk about the big thing that's happened to Runetotem a couple days ago: we connected with Uther to become *drumroll*...


There were some other suggestions, like Uthtotem, Runethertotem, Ruther, etc.  but I believe the concensus is Runethere.  I like it.

Anyway, first impression:  Uther has some rather annoying people in trade.  No I cannot name one since I just sort of gloss over the names of those spamming annoyance.  It could just be the kids getting a little excited to have some new people to play with.  I sure hope so since I enjoy the laid back, relatively quiet and chill atmosphere of Runetotem.  Oh, and I ran into some Alliance monk farming my farm spot! (Of course, he probably thought the same thing when I showed up).  Other than that though, having a livelier server sounds great and look forward to it.

And now, before we get to recruiting, it's time to outline our guild plan...

Dirge's Raid Plan

I came back to WoW after about a 10 month hiatus (and a 14 month progression raiding hiatus) because of how promising WoW 6.0, Warlords of Draenor, looks.  Using flex technology for normal and heroic raiding sounds like a great way to cure the thing that killed Dirge's raiding drive:  maintaining a healthy active raiding roster.   With flex in place AND the raids being cross server accessible, then it should be boundlessly easier to keep on raiding.   

So here is Dirge's raid plan:

  • By April 2014, Dirge plans to start raiding Flex regularly once or twice a week.
  • During this time and up until WoD, we plan to recruit a larger base in preparation for WoD
  • When WoD releases, we plan to progress through normal and heroic.  
  • There are no plans for Mythic raiding at this time.
  • If before WoD we're able to pull together a solid 10 man roster, we will attempt to raid 10 man normal SoO.

So what does that mean for recruiting?

Well first, it means YES WE ARE RECRUITING..just not for SoO normal raiding.  So, we're looking for the following:

  • Those not immediately interested in raiding SoO that would be ok with pugging or doing flex raiding until WoD
  • Those interested in starting up raiding in WoD.
  • Those interested in becoming the foundational roster for Dirge raiding!

Yes, things are slow now, but eventually they'll pick up.  So if you're interested, check out our application or simply contact Tedronai or Keilah in game!

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